How Vitamin C Serum Can Make Skin Younger and Brighter

How Vitamin C Serum Can Make Skin Younger and Brighter

Vitamin C and various antioxidants are resident in both epidermis and dermis of healthy skin. Although, the levels vary, and usually reduce as a result of damage caused by ultraviolet rays, and also aging. The best approach to replenish the skin is by applying a vitamin C serum. Find out the importance of vitamin C for your skin, as well as the most effective brightening and replenishing treatments.

Protection from Free Radicals

Vitamin C enables the skin to recover from and prevent oxidative damage quickly. Different types of this vitamin are utilized in skin care. For instance, Ascorbic acid is powerful but expires very quickly. DermaC+Anti-Aging Serum lasts for over three months if refrigerated.

Collagen Protein Synthesis

It also controls collagen synthesis responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. Some other benefits include supporting the proliferation of fibroblasts and increasing the synthesis rate to repair damage on the skin. A potent topical application can trigger structural changes reversal between dermis and epidermis interface connected to aging.


Although vitamin C doesn’t absorb UV rays, it is powerful in limiting structural damage over a given period. As a result of the exfoliating and acidic nature of its topical treatments, it is essential to put on sunscreen after it has been applied.

Studies on topical treatment application of vitamin c showed that a 20 percent compound provides maximum absorption. Vitamin C+ E Ferulic Acid serum has a concentrate on powerful ascorbic acid and should be kept in the refrigerator to have a prolonged impact of the compound. Other vitamin c skin treatment products have a hyaluronic acid serum with the absent of vitamin E, which works perfectly on oily skin.

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