Hair Loss Concealers – What You Need To Know

Scientific advancements have brought lot hair loss treatments on the table to alleviate the suffering of balding people. While hair transplants continue to be long term sustaining solution for those who can afford it, there has been demand for other hair loss management products in the market. This is due to the prime factor of the cost involved and the notion of “value for money.”

Hair loss or hair loss concealers have taken the next favorite spot after hair transplants as they are instant, effective, and one of the most affordable options available to cover up those nightmarish balding spots. Nobody wants to take risk with medications that do not promise 100% results and plus run the risk of dangerous side effects and allergic reactions due to their strong chemical composition. Apart from the safety that these hair building fibers offer, the other attractive feature is their ability to blend in naturally with existing hair and not drawing unwarranted attention of crowd. Hair concealers offer a more sensible and handy solution as compared to unrealistic and out-of-the-place wigs.

Getting the hang of skillful application of these hair concealers can go a long way in hiding the thinning hair spots and giving a head full of natural looking hair. Availability of various color options that meld with your skin tone and existing hair color makes these concealers more desirable. Some of the hair concealer types that you should be aware of to make that wise choice include:

– Sprays: These types of concealers are easy to apply and are effective to hide the bald areas on head. They contain color dyes and chemicals which give your scalp the same shade as your hair, giving fuller hair look. These sprays however can look artificial and over the top if applied callously or in a hurry. Their ability to withstand environmental conditions like rain, wind and heat is debatable.

– Sprinkles/Powder Solids: These are micro hair building fibers, which like tiny magnets bind strongly to the existing hair and are very durable due to static electricity bonding. They are in powder form and need to be sprinkled from a dispenser directly on the bald spots, giving a natural finish and hair volume. The application is easier as compared to sprays as the risk of overdoing it is very less. Practicing the process couple of times gives full coverage of the affected areas and it just takes seconds to do this task. These concealers can be cleared off easily by use of everyday shampoo. It has natural and synthetic varieties. Synthetic powders use keratin fibers and animal ingredients like wool, which though inexpensive can cause skin irritation and other problems due to chemical compounds and dyes. Hair building fibers made from natural plant ingredients are much safer with better binding properties, making them more suited to people of all age groups, gender and health conditions.


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