Exploring Hair Building Fibers

Hair loss leading to thinning of hair and balding is a problem faced by many since eons of ages. The only difference between then and now is that people today are more vocal about their hair problem and willing to try out options that can save them from the discomfort of looking bald. Among many treatments and alternatives available, the use of “Hair Building Fibers” is most common with great reviews by customers.

In past, these concealers lacked the finesse and natural look which the modern day hair thickening fibers promise. However, these primitive forms of hair loss concealers did pave way for the hair building fiber products available in today’s market. The principle behind these products is same – The hair thickening fiber particles are sprinkled/sprayed around the problem area, which like tiny magnets bind securely to the existing hair adding dramatic density and volume to the hair. Some even claim to stimulate new hair growth.

There are two major variants under this category – Natural and Synthetic. While both do the job of covering up the embarrassing thinning spots, the use of natural hair building fibers is recommended as they are free from any synthetic dyes, fillers and preservatives. The base used in the product is made of plant fibers which can be applied even on a sensitive scalp without fear of irritation or side effects. These advanced natural hair building fibers come in various color shades which again use mineral colorants devoid of harsh chemicals

These micro hair building fibers are negatively charged and hence they bind strongly to the positively charged hair fibers. Hair loss concealers cannot permanently fix the hair thinning problem; they definitely prove to be an easy on pocket option as compared to the expensive hair transplant treatments. They are effective to the extent that no one will tell you are using any hair thickening fibers unless you tell them – even in bright day light. These hair building fiber products last all day and are weather proof. Since they are not heavy color dyes, they do not smear or stain your clothing, bed sheets or towels. Hair building fibers work both for men and women.

With ingredients borrowed from Mother Nature, these hair fiber molecules help to prevent rashes and itchy-blotchy scalp conditions. They easily blend with existing hair to get the perfect color match and are compatible with all hair growth treatments and surgical procedures. Hair building fibers undeniably are here to stay as they are multiple benefits packed in one – Convenient, Flexible, extremely affordable and effective.


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