All About Hair Loss and Hair Growth

Hair forms a very integral part of our image and self worth. And like any other body part, it is influenced by our internal make-up and external environment factors. We become interested in the science of it when we feel our hair growth is not optimum or we start to experience considerable hair loss. Here is an insight into what works to give us the kind of hair that rests on our head.

– Heredity: Genetic code inherited from our parents decides the volume, length, density and texture of our hair. Alopecia, also known as spot baldness has heredity as one of the reasons behind it. Also, if there is family history of auto-immune diseases, skin diseases, rheumatoid arthritis then the progeny has higher disposition to hair loss
– Health condition: Hair growth can be affected by factors like chemotherapy for cancer patients, brain surgery or serious injury due to accident, trauma/shock, severe diabetes, high blood pressure, pregnancy and others. Medications during these conditions affect hair re-growth and density
– Diet and Exercise: Hair is a direct reflection of what we eat and drink. What nutrients we pack into our stomach ultimately decide on the quality and texture of our hair. Hair regeneration becomes a problem when diet is insufficient in important proteins, vitamins and minerals. Regular exercise as simple as walking can go a long way in ensuring sufficient blood supply to the hair tissues. This factor is directly under our control
– Personality and Stress: How we respond to stress situations plays a very crucial role in managing hair loss and re-growth. Prolonged stress and depression have detrimental effect on all body parts including hair. Relaxation, change in attitude, conscious breathing and exercise can do wonders to relieve stress
– Hair Care: This is probably the easiest factor to control. Simple steps such as not too much of localized blow drying, excessive hair styling, using correct shampoos that suit your hair type, avoiding pulling and traction of hair can go a long way to maintain the healthy shine and growth of hair.

While understanding the above listed factors is necessary to ensure voluminous hair and growth, we cannot ignore people who are already suffering from hair loss condition and have very negligible chances of re-growth unless they go in for expensive hair transplant treatments. Everyone has a right to look and feel good. Hair thickening fiber products come to the rescue of such individuals. These hair fibers not only blend and bind to the existing hair, but also stay for long periods without letting you face any embarrassing moments. Research has shown that people would prefer quick and easy to use products till the time they have patience and money to invest for expensive treatments. Hair thickening fibers helps you to do just that. If you don’t want products with strong chemicals, dyes, animal ingredients or additional sprays, then natural plant fiber based hair thickeners are your one stop solution.


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